The Posey Quintet

The Posey Quintet is a piano-driven homage to swing-era music and dance culture. The PQ features rhythm-centric arrangements of hot jazz and swing obscurities from the turn of the century through the late 1940’s. The ensemble draws inspiration from the ‘piano powerhouses’ of the 20’s – 40’s: Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Earl Hines, and Teddy Wilson. This small jazz combo is led by Asheville’s own stride pianist, James Posedel.


Katie McCutcheon photo

Katie McCutcheon

Katie McCutcheon, recently moved Wichita, Kansas, started her life-long swing adventure in Auburn, Alabama. Formerly a member of her high school jazz band, she always had a love for swing music. She found the perfect way to express this love through dancing. She started dancing in Auburn at the AU Swing Dance Association, where she discovered great friends and great music. Her library has developed with her dancing, expanding to styles suited for lindy hop, balboa, blues, and charleston. Her favorite music tends to come from earlier in jazz history, but she doesn’t exclude modern swing bands. Katie believes in the amazing impact that music has on people and wants to spread positivity and fun with her songs. She dances for the love of the music, so don’t be afraid to come up to the DJ table and ask her to dance!


Kyle Smith

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Kyle Smith now makes his home in Denver, CO. While his dancing and music career started as a night out almost 2 decades ago with friends in San Francisco, it didn’t take much before it turned into an obsession. Initially being turned onto swing music by Louis Prima and Frank Sinatra, he has expanded his musical passion throughout the years; but his roots are still the likes of Benny Goodman, Count Basie, and Duke Ellington.

Bringing his deep passion for classic big band swing, Kyle is honored to have been a part of hundreds of swing events throughout his career. As the head DJ at All Balboa Weekend and The Balboa Experiment, he has been instrumental in guiding the balboa music landscape. At the events Kyle is honored to be a part of, he often serves as competition music coordinator, giving presentations on the history of music or leading a DJ workshop.

Despite being a part of many great balboa events such as Balboa on the Promenade and The Experiment, he shares an equally strong passion for lindy hop. Starting as a lindy hopper in 1996, Kyle has been a part of Camp Hollywood since 1999 and has had the pleasure of bringing his music to such great lindy hop events like ULHS, Snowball, Inspiration Weekend, and Lindy Focus.

Kyle has taken his passion for classic swing music and turned it into a series of successful talks at many of the events he travels. With topics ranging from The History and Passion of Swing to Benny Goodman: King of the Clarinet, This Music Sucks, and Django Reinhardt: A Centennial Anniversary, his enthusiastic presentation style and musical knowledge makes him a popular attraction at any event.

One of Kyle’s greatest talents is his ability to hand select competition music that both inspires and energizes the competitors and audience alike. He holds standing Head DJ positions at ABW, EBC, Lindy On The Rocks, The Balboa Experiment, and The California Balboa Championships.

Even though he is often stationed behind a DJ booth, Kyle still enjoys dancing. So when you see him out at an event, be sure to ask him for a dance. Just beware, he does get a little sweaty : )