Gabi Rosenthal

Originally from Atlanta, Gabi is now living in Athens while studying Photography at the University of Georgia. There, she found her love for Lindy Hop and Ballroom. Now she tries to fund her dancing hobby with her skills in photography. No one say art school isn’t useful. It’s best to combine things that make little money. As a kid, she was a competitive Scottish Dancer, and college didn’t stop her dancing. Having shot a great variety of events, senior portraits, and even dog portraits for pocket money, she’s prepared for most anything. However, she loves photographing dancers because they never stop making interesting shapes…and faces.

She feels that capturing a swing out is one of the most self-gratifying moments. Feel free to swing in her direction, but she may not get out of your way. Try not to hit the camera. She’s ready to record the moment, but it doesn’t hurt to smile while you dance.


Conway Li

Conway has been taking photographs ever since he got a digital camera as a child one Christmas, back when Walkmans were a status symbol. He loves both the technical and creative aspects of photography, and strives to capture genuine snapshots of life. When he’s not writing about himself in the third person, Conway likes to code, swing dance, and ride his road bike.